Maridadi Sisal Weave Basket- TBA014FW

$ 39.99


Maridadi Sisal Weave Basket

A finely hand woven medium sized  sisal  Basket from Kenya.
This basket is hand woven by Kamba women from the rural regions of Kenya using very fine sisal fiber in traditional style.

The sisal is dyed using plant natural dyes and them weaved to give unique swilling multi color patterns.
Open at the top with short leather  straps on the sides.

This Basket has brown leather finishing round the top .

Ideal for shopping or carrying other items such as Books,Files,accessories etc

This Basket has swirls of colors that include Brown,Orange,Green,Black & Red
Will also make ideal gifts for your loved ones

Top Diameter:-12”-14”
Bottom Diameter:-10”-12”

NB:- Please note because of the handmade nature of our products, slight variations in the woven patterns,Color & size do occur. These variations

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