Asili Decor Mask Set-TBA016DC

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Safari Wall Decor Mask Set

This African Animal Mask set  of an Elephant ,Giraffe & Zebra  is a unique wall decor for any room

These masks have been expertly craft using a chisel and other manual tools to produce authentic work of art.

After,they paint using natural dyes to match the animal colors.

The elephant mask is not added any color but the wood is left in its natural state to give the mask an authentic elephant look.It has two small tasks.

Masks are important part of many African cultures and these masks will add

cultural diversity to your collection or decor

These masks are for  any art lover who wants to add a unique piece to their collection.

A unique souvenir ,collectible and  also an ideal house warming gift,corporate gift or

thank you gift ,wedding gift or friendship gift

Approximate height-10-12″

Please contact us for your customized order
Made to order and shipped wide wide from Kenya


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