TBA002MN:-Leather-Masai Bead Necklace

$ 39.99


A hand crafted masai bead necklace blended in leather into a unique piece of art. The colourful beads are crafted to produce a fashionable centre piece.Comes with a matching pair of earrings.

The Masai community love colourful items and they therefore love to craft items with colourful materials.

This necklace has several colours that  have different meaning to the Masai community.

Black:- represents the challenges that we all go through in life & survive

White:-represents purity & good health

Orange:-represents hospitality, warmth, friendship & generosity

Green:-represents production & nourishment

Yellow:-represents fertility & growth

Red:-represents bravery, danger, ferocity,& strength

Blue:-represents different colours for the sky that provides rain for food & drinking.










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